Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why Zumba® Class?

I think it's hard to explain to people who have never tried a Zumba® class why I love it so much. I believe that your workouts should be enjoyable and reflect your personality. If your workout doesn't "fit" you, chances are you won't continue it for very long. Why burn calories and be miserable when you can have fun doing it? 

Some of us are loners. We prefer running solo or maybe lifting at home. Some of us are shy and choose to workout in the comfort of our own homes. Then there are those of us who are social... 

I totally fall into that category! 

Being around a group of supportive, encouraging ladies each week does more for me than anything I've tried alone. It's not just what I'm doing in class, it's who I'm doing it with. That's the key! They notice if I'm not there or have been slacking off! 

I walked into my first Zumba® class and stood in the very back corner. From the beginning I enjoyed the workout. It fit my personality and my ability level. I didn't have to be in the best shape or be the best dancer in the world to have fun with it. I loved the music and I could determine the intensity of my workout. 

Along the way, I got emotionally attached. Not to just the workout, but the people. As I started making friends, my confidence level grew. I moved up row by row slowly until I found myself on that front row. For a shy girl, that was a big move. But something else grew as well.... my fitness level. It was much more challenging to workout from the front. I pushed harder. 

If I hadn't found the confidence to do that, I would never have pushed myself up there. And it was all because of the support I found in the group. We laugh together, we pray together, and we workout together. There's something powerful in that. I don't just teach these ladies, I am friends with them. And I am blessed because of it! 

If I didn't have these ladies in my life, I probably wouldn't have become an instructor. I was fine doing my own thing from the front row. When our group found out we were losing an instructor, I stepped forward and volunteered to help out. I got licensed and I now find myself teaching three hours a week. I wouldn't have done it without my girls. They inspire me and I love having them in my life! 

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If you've never tried working out with a group, I'd definitely suggest it. Find something you love and see where it goes from there! 


  1. Dancing has been such a God-send exercise for me. Love doing it, and now I no longer even dance to music much...I dance to whatever show I choose to watch on TV! Glad you found Zumba, and now can even make some money at it. Yay you!

  2. Looking to try my first zumba class in September!

  3. I am a loner who likes to workout in the comfort of my own home ... yet when Zumba was offered for free at the local church, the frugal/fitness me figured I needed to at least try it, even though I can NOT dance! I actually was not hooked right away, but decided to continue to give it a try and then ... addicted! I now go five days a week! If you had told me last year that I would love Zumba, I would have told you you were crazy.



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