Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Busy Week Recap

This week has been packed full of family stuff, home projects, and Zumba® classes. On Monday, we had dinner with my family which meant I got to snuggle up to my sweet, little nephew.

I admit he totally stole the show. He's just too cute!

Ryan and I have been tackling home improvement projects left and right around the house. We are prepping it to sell in the future and there are always those small-ish home projects that you have to do. This week we repaired a leaking tub faucet and replaced all the hardware for the bathtub in the guest bathroom. One project down....several more to go.

Ryan absolutely hates plumbing work. He's basically awesome when it comes to general handy man kinda stuff and has pretty much tackled everything thrown our way, but we make sure to keep laughing through it all. Sometimes those home improvement projects just get you all stressed out...

Caleb had another game this weekend. Our Saturdays are officially booked for the next two months... Every week he makes more and more progress. It's exciting to see all of the changes he's going through from week to week.

Our game was at Ryan's former school. He showed me where the high school and middle school buildings were and what had changed since he left. I still can't believe we've been out of school so long...

Caleb had his own cheering squad this weekend. All four grandparents came out to watch him play. At one point he was so busy looking into the stands and searching for who was watching him that he forgot to line up in his spot! The past two weeks he's played on the defensive line and is doing really well in that position. He loves tackling.

My mom also gave him his fall/winter clothes this week. Of course he went for the all camo look first. Sigh.....We're already discussing his deer hunting schedule now. He's determined to kill a deer.

We had fun watching the Tennessee Vols win another game this week! I can't remember how long it's been since they've looked this strong. Finally! And we are happy fans!

We are so very busy lately. It makes it hard when I'm trying to lose weight. Fitting in workouts and everything else is just so tough sometimes. I switched up my Zumba® songs this week so we could have a 90's themed party. I woke up the next morning so sore! I didn't think my new songs were all that physically tough at all, but I think there's something to that whole muscle memory theory. 

If you do the same thing day after day, your body adjusts to it. Over time, a tough workout seems so much easier. Changing things up instead brings new challenges to your body and you have better results. 

I obviously don't want to give up my Zumba® workouts, but I think I'm going to work on varying my songs more. I tend to fall in love with certain songs and want to do them over and over. In the end, it's not helping me as much as I want. 

My goal in the next two weeks is to develop five new songs to throw into my classes. Then I want to cycle through the new and old ones to provide a better workout for everyone, including myself! 

So.... How's your week been? What are you accomplishing? 


  1. Love your photos! Your family is adorable. I have no idea how you fit it all in and aren't asleep typing the blog post.

    1. I was just thinking this was actually a light week! I schedule all my posts in advance, so that helps a ton.

  2. lol. I was thinking the same thing as Cindy. You are so busy, but you manage to have fun in the process :)



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