Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ADHD and Our Food Choices

It's no secret that my husband is classically ADHD. He was diagnosed as a child and has fought with the symptoms all of his life. A child that has one ADHD parent is 57% more likely to be ADHD as well. Ryan's middle child was diagnosed with ADHD a couple of years ago. I have lived with Ryan's symptoms for seven years so I have a fairly good idea of how it works. I've always watched and waited with Caleb. As he grows older, I see more and more of his dad's traits coming out. Caleb has inherited so many wonderful things from his daddy and I'm thinking some of the ADHD has bled over also. 

Ryan and I have chosen to experiment a little with the ADHD in our home. We've researched quite a bit and believe that some of the symptoms can be managed with nutritional changes. We also would like to share that with y'all here as we go. 

I believe medication should be our last resort. I feel like some parents and physicians medicate children rather quickly and without trying other natural methods first. We already know that Ryan's symptoms can be managed quite a bit on their own, but there are certain times in his life that medication is needed. Stress, exhaustion, and major changes are usually triggers for some of his ADHD symptoms. 

We started Caleb out on Kids Calm over a week ago. We chose it because it contains Omega 3 vitamins, B vitamins, and magnesium. All three have proven to be helpful to individuals with ADHD. Even if it doesn't really help with the ADHD symptoms, it certainly helps his overall well being and health. It's made with organic fruits and veggies and is GMO and gluten free. Worst case scenario? He gets extra vitamins and nutrients that help him anyways. 

You can find it here! 

Ryan has started vitamins as well. We've also done some research that supports a clean diet (I totally told him this for months....), limiting gluten, and eliminating red dyes from our foods. Processed junk can trigger some of the symptoms of ADHD. 

I've told Ryan how amazing I feel getting the junk out of my system. Just imagine how he could feel, with or without ADHD. A clean diet isn't just for weight loss or ADHD or whatever... It benefits anyone regardless of age or physical condition. 

We're going to try a couple of things with our family and will hopefully see some progress. Do we expect Caleb to be a calm four year old? Never! He's all boy and we fully embrace everything that makes him special and normal! We wouldn't change his precious personality for anything in the world! What are we hoping to accomplish? We want Caleb to be healthier, have a better diet, and to possibly concentrate a little better so that he doesn't miss out on the fun things in life. I don't want my child to lay around the house in a zombie state. I want my active, sweet little boy one hundred percent, but I want to help him excel at whatever he sets his mind on. 

I think this change will be easier on both Ryan and Caleb because they are doing it together. We are in this together and we're working towards making our family function better.


  1. After being bullied by the public school system for 4 years I took my son to the doctor for ADHD and of course she gave me a prescription. When that didn't work we tried another and another and another. I really don't believe in medicine....usually. after much anguish I ended up learning about diet and quit trying to find a cure and instead found my son. After One year I took him off the meds and I took him out of school 5 years ago . He has been fine ever since. Do what you can to manage your son without changing your son. He is a blessing even if it's hard and even if you think you can't keep going, you can . Good job.



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