Sunday, September 28, 2014

Duck, Duck, Yuck....

This week has been super rough! On Wednesday, Caleb got really sick. The office was so busy we couldn't see our regular pediatrician. We were sent home with a strep combined with hand, foot, and mouth disease diagnosis. Caleb spent days cooped up in the house and we thought he was finally better by Saturday. His rash had healed, there was no fever, and he had been on antibiotics for three days. 

We decided to go to the county fair just to get him out of the house for a bit. 

My boys love horses. We are addicted to the show Heartland and enjoy watching it as a family. The downside? Both of them now want a horse... 

I'd actually be happy with just a baby duck. Unfortunately, they don't stay babies! 

The highlight of his day was riding a horse. The lady who walked him around said he was the only child who wanted to go fast. I tell ya.... we've been watching too much Heartland!

Ryan was most interested in the tractors. I think Ryan and Caleb were made to be farmers. I'm pretty sure they'd be perfectly happy in life raising chickens, growing a garden, and plowing the land. 

I have side by side pics from our county fair visit two years ago and this weekend. I am a lot smaller and Caleb looks less like a baby. Actually Caleb looks like he's slimmed up a little more too! He's outgrowing his little chubby baby/toddler phase and is looking more and more like a little boy every day.

Even though we had a nice time Saturday, it didn't last long. At 4:30 Sunday morning, Caleb woke up very sick. We were back at the doctor as soon as the doors opened to find out he had been misdiagnosed. He in fact did not have strep or hand, foot, and mouth. Another doctor in the practice diagnosed him with a viral infection which has to simply run its course. Fortunately he's able to keep down some liquids this afternoon and we don't have to take the antibiotic now. I'm actually on board with this diagnosis much more than the earlier one. Caleb just didn't have the right symptoms or a positive strep test. Sometimes you've just gotta go with your gut feeling.... 

It has been such a rough weekend all the way around so Ryan and I are ready to get some much needed rest! 


  1. hope he feels better soon, poor little guy! :(

  2. Hope he is feeling better today, at least he got to ride the horse and enjoy

  3. Hope he gets well soon. I enjoyed your pictures. The country fair looks fun!




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