Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall Boat Rides

This Saturday was our first peek at the fall season. The wind kicked up during our early morning football game and it was chilly. Ryan had to run home to grab a blanket and some extra coffee! For the rest of our football season, I shall keep blankets and jackets in the car. 

After the game we made sure we wore our colors to support the Vols! Every time Caleb wears his Tennessee jerseys he asks if that means he plays for the Vols. I keep telling him not yet...

And no selfie would be completely without showing off our blue Powerade tongue....

We went out on the lake for an extra long boat ride. I think this was Caleb's longest boat ride ever. It was absolutely gorgeous!

The sun finally showed and we were able to warm up for a bit. It was so pretty and peaceful out!

We cruised to the dam and back while Caleb begged to swim. I am always in awe of how breathtakingly beautiful our home is. When I try to imagine living anywhere other than Chattanooga, I cannot think of any other place I'd rather be. Possibly the beach, but who wants to deal with the occasional hurricane? Not this girl. Give me the mountains, the lake, and the convenience of three major cities within a two hour drive. My kind of home sweet home.

Speaking of boat rides, my captain for the day was pretty awesome too. He drives and I lay out. I think it's a great deal!

I hate that summer is ending. I'm one of those people who'd be comfortable with 80+ degree weather year round. But since that's not how things work around here, I'm going to embrace the beauty of the new season. I suppose I'm ready for cooler weather filled with football, chili, campfires, and pretty leaves. Bring on hunting season, Tellico weekends, and cuddle up weather! 

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