Monday, September 15, 2014

Motivation Monday

Ryan and I have been eating pretty clean for over a week now and we feel so much better! The weight is slowly dropping and it's getting easier to stay on track every day. 

I noticed something this week that has made a huge difference in my renewed motivation. Ryan has joined me this time and it's so much easier to excel when we're on the same "team". Sometimes it's been pretty hard being the only one eating healthy meal after healthy meal. Ryan and Caleb ate well with me, but they also splurged on junk a lot more than I did. Now that Ryan is watching what he's eating, it has helped me stay accountable. 

I've actually enjoyed the feeling of him being dedicated just as much as I am. We're working toward a common goal and it keeps me on track. I'm so fortunate. 

I think I've been doing this so long that I just got tired. As long as I'm seeing progress (the scale moving down or clothes fitting better), I'm good to go. But it's those long, drawn out plateaus that just exhaust me. I admit that it really got me down this time. I feel like I just keep trucking along and bit by bit it's happening for me. But to be honest, the losses are so slow and so small right now. It weighed on me at times and I could feel my determination slipping. 

I've spent the past two months really struggling. Losing, then gaining. Trying something new, going back to what works. Being hopeful, getting frustrated. Happy and mad. 

Then Ryan stepped in. 

He saw me sit on our bed and burst into tears because I lost my drive. From that point on, he hung in there with me. He wasn't just my cheerleader, he was my partner. I'm so grateful I'm not doing this alone right now. 

My journey has been mostly solo. There have been times that I'm the only one working out or eating healthy meals. It's tough to stay strong and be unique when everyone around you has stayed the same. 

I literally couldn't. I had to change, but it wasn't always easy alone. 

It was definitely worth it, but far from easy. 

I challenge you this month to find someone close who can share the battle with you. Don't wait until you get frustrated like I did. Connect with someone who can cheer you on, encourage you, and help you through the tougher parts.


  1. You know I just love what you wrote. I think having someone to do it with is so helpful.

  2. I started my journey with my husband but at some point he took a step back and I continued on my own, these days he joins me for my workouts for a few weeks once every few months and I really have more fun with him around pushing me...I love it when I have somebody who can challenge me



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