Monday, September 22, 2014

Motivation Monday

Welcome back for another Motivation Monday! 

I've been asked if Ryan and I are still drinking grapefruit juice and if it was really helping. I wasn't completely sure that we were losing weight due to the grapefruit juice or if cleaning up out diet was doing more for us. 

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Ryan and I have been eating clean for over two weeks. Things are going great! So far he has lost 15 pounds and comments often about how much better he's feeling. 

We have had steady losses. Slowly, but surely the weight is coming off. Last week we ran out of grapefruit juice but continued to eat clean for about two days. During that time, my weight loss stopped. I grabbed some extra grapefruit juice and restarted it. The next day, I continued losing. 

So yes, it is definitely helping. I think the grapefruit juice has helped me a lot. My blood sugar sometimes drops and I get dizzy. When I'm drinking my grapefruit juice, I notice it is stabilized more. 

Don't forget to check with your doctor before you start drinking grapefruit juice regularly because it interacts with some medicines! This is crucial! 

How'd your week go? 


  1. Are you drinking regular grapefruit juice or the pink? I wasn't sure if it made a difference?

  2. I eat at least a half a grapefruit every single morning! Grapefruits actually naturally speed up your metabolism; so yeah I totally see that happening. Once your body relies on something for that extra "umph" it is hard to stop it. Course it could have been other things too to factor in, but I imagine it at least had a small effect. Simple but informative! Love it!



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