Friday, September 26, 2014

Progress and Motivation

There are days that not seeing huge progress kinda gets you down. It feels like you work so hard to move that number and it just won't budge. Week in, week out.... It gets to you. Sure, there are days I just want to stomp my feet and pout. 

A lot of my friends do the #TBT (Throwback Thursday). This Thursday just so happened to land on my brother and sister-in-law's fourth wedding anniversary. I have tons of pics from their wedding so I thought I would post some and wish them a happy anniversary. 

Um, wow....

And then I remember how hard I've far I've every single step has been worth it.....and I am never going back. 

I'm towards the end of my weight loss journey and things are just so tough. I've been working at this for almost three years. My body wants to just maintain right now and my mind tells me I want to push just a little bit more. It's an every day battle right now. When I step back from that, I am honestly very happy with my progress. I know I've come a long way, but the perfectionist part of me wants to just get to my goal. I'm hanging in here! 


  1. Beautiful post. Loved it!

  2. You should be SO proud of all you have accomplished!

  3. YAY you! Being a perfectionist or OCD really is a struggle some times, huh? But you are doing good, no GREAT!

  4. What I love about these pictures is how your husband looks in them. I love a man that loves his wife unconditionally! He looks happy then and now.

  5. You are truly an inspiration!!! When I feel myself wanting to give up I read your blog. You look amazing and your family is beautiful. Keep up the good work and please don't stop sharing.

  6. You look great! Congratulations on all that you've accomplished, you are an inspiration to me.

  7. Awesome story! I always motivated by before after picture and success story like yours. Can I reblog this on my blog?


    1. Sure, as long as you don't mind linking back to me! Thank you!!!!



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