Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Q & A Sesh

I've gotten several questions via email and the blog this week. I thought I could answer some of those for y'all and it may be beneficial for everyone here to read as well! 

I was just wondering if you are continuing to drink 3 glasses of grapefruit juice a day & if you see any change from doing so?

Yep! We are still drinking our grapefruit juice. Ryan and I are both drinking it and are seeing progress on the scales. His is faster than mine, but we are both still losing. My weight loss can very drastically.... If I'm trying to lose, I can lose anywhere from .4 pounds to a whole pound a day. The moment I stop, I can gain back anywhere from two to four pounds just from water retention. My body is super sensitive to what I put in it. And it takes so much longer to take it back off. Totally sucks for me. 

I have no idea how you fit it all in and aren't asleep typing the blog post.

You and me both! I think I'm so used to being busy that I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I wasn't. I've always worked six days a week. I schedule all of my blog posts in advance. Once a week, I sit down and write when Ryan's watching TV and Caleb has gone to bed. It's my time to relax and get things out. I teach Zumba® classes so that I have to workout. I can't slack at taking care of myself because other people depend on me too. I cook once a week and do my food prep then. Life runs so much easier when I do that. I have a Type A personality and am OCD, so I think that helps me a lot when I'm busy. My husband and son are both really active and our family just happens to move at a faster pace than others. 

I have recently started doing the Zumba workout videos (the older version). I do fine on the beginner video, but I tried the advanced video yesterday. Whew! What a workout! I was only able to do 30 mins of it and I'm having trouble keeping up with the video. I think partially because it's new to me, but also because I'm out of shape. Do you think it's better to take my time and try to get down each move? For example, if they are doing a particular move 8 times, but I'm only able to do it 3 times before they move on to the next move. Or would it be better to keep up with the video the best I can and worry about the technique later, the more I do the video??

I can tell you what I did and it may work well for you too. 

I see people with all different fitness levels and abilities. In a regular class, I recommend do what you can! You're going to have some people who have the songs and choreography nailed down. You'll notice some people going all out with high intensity (jumping more or exaggerating the movements) and there are others who tone it down. Zumba® classes are pretty much for anyone because you can tailor it to your own needs. 

When I first started, my fitness level was pitiful. I struggled through an hour long class and had a difficult time staying with the instructors. I did what I could each class. I figured as long as I was moving, I was burning calories even if I couldn't dial down the techniques all that well. As things improved, I started focusing on the actual movements. I've also noticed over time that different instructors have their own versions of each basic step. Some add more flair, more intensity or are easier to follow. The purpose is to get you moving then you can add your own style! 

I'm drastically different from the instructors I teach with. But we are all burning calories and having fun! When you work on the technique more specifically, you will tone more. I have noticed that it takes a couple of times for each new person to get the hang of it, but it does "click". Then they begin working on their intensity, technique, and endurance.    

I think newbies tend to compare their abilities and progress with others who have been doing it a whole lot longer. I certainly do that myself and it encourages me to work on certain things. But I also don't expect myself to come out looking like the instructors on the DVD's from the beginning! The key is not letting it discourage you to the point of quitting. It will come with time! I promise!!! 

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