Saturday, September 27, 2014

The More Important Things....

I got an email this week asking more about my every day life with my family. This person mentioned how rare it is to see a family do so much together. 

That's actually pretty sad. 

I was raised by parents who believed in doing things as a family the majority of the time. It wasn't until I was a teen that I really did much without my whole family. Even then, we still spent a lot of time together. 

When Ryan and I had Caleb, it was pretty much a given that we would do the same. 

Ryan and I chose to have Caleb. It's our job to raise him, love him, provide for him, and teach him. 

It's so frustrating to see parents not parenting. I'm tired of seeing parents living for themselves....putting their wants ahead of their child's.....not spending quality time with them. 

Ryan and I may give up every Saturday morning, two nights a week for practice, and hundreds of dollars for Caleb to play football. But it is worth every single moment. That child is making friends, learning that sometimes you get ahead by working as a team, and that physical activity makes you stronger and healthier. We slow down to eat dinner together. We play together and we pray together. We may go without sometimes so that he can have better. We work hard so that he can have all he needs. 

I'm the mom who wants to host sleepovers, can't wait to wake up to a house full of crazy kids, and cook them all a huge breakfast. I'm the mom who loves cheering her son on even when he's running the wrong way! I'm the mom who'd rather spend a Friday night snuggled up on the couch with her family.

God comes first, our marriage, then Caleb. Every single time. No exceptions. 

I can rest at night knowing my family is cared for. 

I know sometimes I mess up. I don't get everything just right. But I know that I try my best for him. 

He makes me a better person and I will forever be thankful for that. 

I understand so many of us get wrapped up in our weight loss or fitness journeys. Or we get so consumed with work or just surviving every day life. Life is hard at times and we're doing the best we can. 

I challenge you to examine your life from time to time. Make sure you've not let your pursuits completely overwhelm the most important things in your life. It is so very easy to do. 


  1. Good to see you have your priorities straight! So many don't and it is a sad sight, keep be an inspiration through this blog and real life everybody who sees will see the glory of God through your actions!

  2. Family is so important ...really enjoyed reading your post - thank you.

    All the best Jan



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