Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Well, Duh

I've been stalled out with my progress for a while. I guess it took a "duh" moment for me to realize what's going on. 

Since Ryan started eating clean with me, I lost a little. At first I was like, "Yay me!" 

And then it stalled out again. 

So I was left scratching my head. I thought, "I'll just keep going because I know this works. I'm doing everything just like when I was losing...."

No, seriously.... I wasn't. 

In August, I went from working out twice a week for two hours at a time to maybe two to three hours total a week. I decided to give up my Monday night workouts to pursue a teaching job on Tuesday nights. Unfortunately I wasn't pushing myself as hard on Tuesday nights. Since it was a start up class, there were a couple of weeks I had no one. So I just didn't work out and went on....

One of the things I enjoy most about Zumba® is the different styles each instructor brings. One of my regular instructors teaches on Monday nights so I hardly got to see her. Her style of teaching challenged me in different ways and worked different muscle groups. 

Guess what happened? 

When I didn't dance with her, I lost that toning, calorie burn, and overall fitness level. 

Last night I went back to a Monday night class and it totally kicked my booty! I struggled because my body was out of the habit of working out. It's one thing teaching a class with songs you're physically comfortable with. It's totally different being challenged by some that you aren't familiar with. 

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I never imagined I had lost so much physical fitness in that time. But then I was all like, "Well, duh...."

I woke up sore, but fabulously happy! 

I finally feel like I figured out why I was going backwards. It was the simplest thing...something I should have noticed sooner. I think I've been so wrapped up in being busy that I overlooked it. Now it's time to get back on track! 


  1. I go to five different Zumba classes each week (Mon-Fri). Many of the classes have multiple instructors as well, so I see a ton of different styles, steps and songs. Normally I am a same-o, same-o type of gal. I don't like change or challenge, I like what I'm comfortable with. It was really surprised me that I like the variety of all these classes and instructors. They all have something a little different to offer.

    I've been stuck for a while, but things have moved slightly recently. Fingers crossed we can both continue to progress!

  2. I thought the well, duh was going to be that you are pregnant. Grin.

  3. Just wondering what your advice would be for the first steps toward losing weight that you would recommend? I've been upping my water and not going through take away but I don't seem to be losing any. Should I count calories or just eat clean? Or both? Your such an inspiration my little guys three so I feel like I'm in the sameish place you were at the beginning of your journey.mthamks for some advice.



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