Monday, October 13, 2014

Counting Macros: Week 1

So.... This whole macros thing? It's working. The first week has been tricky. Figuring out what exactly I can eat, how to fit everything in, and find the balance.... It's not simple at first. 

I can tell things are getting easier.

Since starting tracking my macronutrients, I've lost four pounds. I haven't been able to lose much of anything since July so this is awesome for me. 

At the same time, I don't feel neurotic about eating. I'm actually unafraid of eating over 1500 calories a day. In the past, I would freak out if I went over my 1200. I know that's unhealthy and it's not how I want to live. There comes a time that calorie cutting will work against you. I was there. 

Looking at my food choices over the week has been enlightening as well. It's no wonder I wasn't losing anything. Sure, I was eating "clean" and eating low calorie. But..... I wasn't eating the right combination of things. At times, I was overloading the carbs and then I would go periods of not eating nearly enough of them. 

There was no balance. 

My Fitness Pal has been my biggest support this week. I've tailored it to fit my nutritional needs and I have logged everything this week. Before I was just kinda guessing on things and that got me absolutely nowhere. 

Where am I struggling? 

Finding good protein and fat sources without overloading on carbs. It's kinda tough to work with just fats and proteins when everything seems to have carbs. I would have never guessed! I've been looking at #IIFYM on Instagram and I seriously want to eat the high amounts of carbs some of these amazingly fit people are eating. I know I have to put more work into my strength training before I can step out and do that. Their muscles have to be revving their metabolisms something crazy. I've just gotta get there. 

I admit that I'm totally a wuss. I don't do pain. I lifted weights with Ryan once last week....I was sore for three dang days! Um, I am totally not into that. I could actually see progress in my arms from just that one session, but it hurt! I mean, my muscles are literally tearing and rebuilding. It's supposed to be sore, but I am a weenie. 

I'm at the point of whether I want to suck it up and do it for the sake of eating more in general and getting more carbs in my diet. There's a pretty big reward in it. 

Ryan and I ate really well all week and then decided to balance things out by trying a new local frozen yogurt place. Turning this girl loose in a frozen yogurt shop with an insane number of toppings?!? Yeah, it wasn't pretty. But then again, I didn't really stress out this time. I worked my butt off for that treat so I enjoyed it with my guys. I knew that the very next day, I was going to buckle down and work towards my goals. 

Ryan and I are totally different when it comes to sweets. I prefer lots of chocolate, peanut butter, mint, and fruit. Ryan is all about the gummies. 

I never noticed it until last night, but Caleb is the perfect combination of me and Ryan. He starts with chocolate yogurt like his mama and finishes it out with the sour gummies like his dad. 

I like the freedom that has come with this. I like the predictability. I kinda feel like once I get the hang of it, this will be pretty easy to adopt as an everyday part of life. If I can get a feel for combining the right foods, I think I'll be good to go. I'm still doing a lot of research and studying on it.


  1. So... now that you've switched to IIFYM are you eating more calories overall? Similar foods as before (but different ratios probably)?

    I'm so interested to see your results with this after several weeks! I have lost a considerable amount of weight and then hit a stall very similar to yours. Tried a few things and the scale just won't budge. The last few weeks I'm kind of in a quasi-maintenance mode. I would like to lose more weight, but I'm just not quite sure how to move forward. The good news is, having slowly upped my calories I haven't *gained* any weight and I'm able to take in more calories than I was before. So, semi-win :)

    I have considered IIFYM, but ugh... it's just so INVOLVED. Calorie counting in hard enough and I really just want to maintain a reasonable lifestyle. But... if it would give me results, it might be something to try!

  2. Can you share what you are eating?

  3. Can you do a post showing us what you have been eating while counting macros? And how you have weighed it. Interested to start but still feeling a bit confused from what I've read!

  4. Can you do a post showing how you count your macros and how you have been weighing food? Interested to start but still a little confused after doing some reading!

  5. When lifting the 3 days of soreness doesn't normally happen every week. After the first few weeks it's more like a little discomfort for a few hours, maybe a day.



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