Sunday, October 26, 2014

Holiday Pictures 2014

I absolutely adore my family. If you hadn't gathered that from the overload of pictures of my guys, I really don't know what to say...

I love watching Caleb grow and comparing his pictures from year to year. I am always in awe of my sweet, little boy. He brings so much joy to our lives. You can see his little personality showing through in most of the pictures. He's a little ham that loves being the center of attention (I have absolutely no idea where he gets that....). 

Even though Caleb is a mama's boy, he loves his daddy. They have weekly "boys nights" and I am so glad they spend quality time together. I know a lot of little boys clash with their dads at this age, so their relationship is really a blessing.

Normally getting pictures of Caleb is really tough. He gets so overwhelmed with the extra attention and usually bounces off the walls. This time he cooperated pretty well.

Ryan and I have been together seven years. I believe he gets more and more handsome each year. I love how his looks have changed over the years. I had this huge crush on him when he was a blonde haired little boy and I have an even bigger crush on the man now.

This kid is getting so big! He turns five in just a few weeks and I cannot believe how the time has flown by.

 This picture is most definitely going in a frame for the hallway. I love how it turned out!

Our silly picture was definitely one of my favorites!


  1. The pictures came out great, such a cute family!

  2. Love the photos! He is a ham! hehe but his photos are great! You are a lucky lady and you have a tough decision on which one to use for cards lol

    1. Thanks, Ash! I had to do a collage because it was tough deciding... We do two different cards each holiday season because I always have a tough time picking my favorites.



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