Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our Wild One

Caleb has been pretty sick for well over a week. As of today, he seems to be so much better! Three doctor visits, three different medications, temperature spikes and rashes... Fabulous. Imagine my pure happiness when the doctor gave Caleb three days of steroids to finally kick his rash. Yes, my already super active four year old hyped up on steroids. #shootmenow

Saturday, Caleb wasn't interested in playing football. He didn't want to do much of anything other than argue and act wild. Oh my Heavens...

Half way into the afternoon, all we could do was laugh and act silly together. It sure wasn't going to get any calmer so we figured we may as well join in the madness.

These two make my heart happy! I love seeing them act silly together. Once they start laughing, it's just contagious.

This morning, we brought Caleb to regular church service we with us. Normally, he goes into his Sunday school room early to play while we go to the early service. Ryan and I have discussed bringing him to regular church service once or twice a month to start getting him used to sitting still and listening during church. We've tried during the Christmas Eve service in the past and it's been just plain tough!

Asking our hyper little boy to try this is pretty huge. Caleb is all energy! I love him just the way he is and I know God gave us a special child. But we also realize that Caleb has to learn to control himself.

I explained to Caleb this morning that he could sit through church with us if he could behave. He was excited to try it. I figured if it got ugly, we'd just take him out. Thankfully, he did okay. He was mostly quiet, but was very curious. With Caleb there's no "inside" voice. He's just plain loud. I don't even think he realizes it!

Ryan and I need a ton of patience to get Caleb through this!

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