Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week One Macro Counting Progress and Questions Answered #IIFYM

A week of macro counting... What good would it be if I just told you about my progress? Why not show you??? Yeah, I totally agree... Let's do that!

I can tell more in my thighs and waist this week. My tummy isn't nearly as poochy. Yay for that!

I've been trying to get in around 90 squats each day. My booty can definitely tell! You don't have to do them all at once. Break it up and fit them into your day. Y'all are gonna think I'm crazy.... But every time you have a bathroom break (because I know you're drinking enough water, right) knock out 15 squats when you're done.

So.... There's a comparison for the week. I've lost four pounds which I think is awesome since I have been stuck for a while! 

Many of you had questions about macros. First, I'm still really super new at this. I am totally not an expert, but I'm trying my best to get in there and study everything I can. I am a nerdy researcher at heart so I'm trying to be very thorough. 

I can tell you what I know.... and what I'm learning. But remember this is a learning process for both of us! You also have to remember that my specific foods, meals, and macros will be very different from yours. Just as we all have unique bodies, our nutritional needs are just a varied. Please, please, please do NOT try to copy everything I am doing. It may be too little or too much for you! My activity levels are pretty different as well. If you want to calculate your own nutritional needs, please go to this calculator. Be honest, be accurate, and don't over or underestimate. 

Plug those requirements into My Fitness Pal and make it work! I've read that as long as you stay within 5 grams below or above your macro count, you're pretty much okay. Another tip is to measure and weigh everything! No guessing! My idea of one cup of something may be different than yours if we're eyeballing it. So, no guessing! 

So... now that you've switched to IIFYM are you eating more calories overall? Similar foods as before (but different ratios probably)?

I am most definitely eating more calories overall. I have gone from around 1200 to over 1500 this week. And you can clearly see in the above pictures that I have not only maintained, but toned more. I am eating very similar foods as before. Most of my diet consists of nutrient dense clean foods. In all honesty, I have to continue that. I feel better and that's really the only way I can meet my macro counts. It won't balance out correctly if I don't. Now I have worked in some less healthy foods this week without any guilt and still lost weight. I was able to eat my chocolate frozen yogurt because I planned for it. 

Can you share what you are eating?

Sure! But remember my activity levels, fitness goals, nutritional goals, the rate at which my body burns calories at rest is going to be completely different from yours. I work out four hours each week. Even my Zumba® classes and calorie burn are drastically different than a person taking the exact same class with me. This is completely tailored to me. I burn anywhere from 1200-1300 calories every two hours of Zumba® class. I know plenty of other ladies who wear monitors and they don't burn nearly that much. I have different instructors, styles, and intensity levels. I take every song and I go high impact every time. I push myself and don't take time to compare it to anyone else. My workout is for me. Not everyone can take it to the same energy level or they may be doing much more than I can.

For breakfast, I eat maybe two eggs and three egg whites scrambled and pineapple slices. Sometimes I eat a cup of 1% cottage cheese with pineapple. If I'm short on time, I will mix up a whey protein shake and grab a banana. Personally, I do much better throughout the day if I get lean protein and some carbs in early.

For lunch, I eat salads with tons of veggies and lean protein. The salad dressing makes up my fat macros. Green olives also help with catching up my fat ratio. I think I struggle most with getting healthy fats and protein in.

Dinner is normally lean meat and veggies. After I work out in the evenings, I'll grab a whey protein shake with 2% milk. That's pretty much it. I can vary any of those food choices depending on what's going on in the day. If I want a treat in the evenings, I budget my macros for it. What happens if I want more calories than what I'm getting? That means I have to step up my physical activity level. If I work out more often, I can eat more calories. 

What happens if you need more info about trying this???

Jump on Instagram and Twitter. Put in the hashtag #IIFYM and there are tons of people talking about it. I also look in the forums. Pinterest can also help if you search "macros" or "IIFYM". 

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  1. I love that squat idea! I started doing them every time I go to the printer at work ( I am getting a few weird looks, but hopefully those looks will turn into jealous looks! haha). At home I do them when I go to the bathroom! Thanks for that ides!!



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