Thursday, November 13, 2014

Caleb's Fifth Birthday

My sweet, loud, strong willed, active little boy turned five yesterday! Five feels like such a milestone birthday to me. It's officially saying goodbye to the baby, toddler, and preschool stages. It's welcoming a boy old enough to attend elementary school, step up to real baseball, and play with all the cool kid toys.

Everyone warned me that the time would just fly by but I wasn't prepared for this. This year felt like he changed the most. His looks....his personality....everything. I see a little boy now and I just can't believe I have one of those! I love this age the most though. I'm just not a baby person. I love that Caleb and I can do things together. I love that we share the same interests and he's someone I can have so much fun with.

Last night we took Caleb out for a birthday dinner.

I see so much of both me and Ryan in Caleb now. I love the relationship they have developed. From watching fishing and rock crawling You Tube videos together to Nerf gun wars, they are real buddies. I just love that!

Granny went with us to Olive Garden. We all pigged out! I admit that I did not follow my macros for his birthday! Not one little bit!

I enjoyed having dinner beside my husband last night. That is rare with Caleb!

And no birthday would be complete without cake! My mom made him an orange cake since he loves Tennessee. It was delicious (and also did not fit my macros)!

Even the chihuahua took a moment to love on Caleb. She must have known it was a special day because she normally does not put up with Caleb!

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