Monday, November 10, 2014

Camo and Hunting Party

Caleb wanted a camo and hunting theme party for his fifth birthday this year. It's no secret that my little boy loves all things outdoors. There's not much he loves more than fishing and hunting. Forget video games, Caleb loves being outside. 

We normally rent the play area at our church for a couple of hours. Instead of spending hours decorating, my mom and I pretty much throw things together while the kids play. I made camo cupcakes with homemade icing. My mom brought veggie trays, camo chocolate covered pretzel sticks, and sausage and cheese muffins. I also made Chex Mix. 

This is the look of pure sugar and new toy high!

This was the first time I've ever made homemade icing and tried to make cupcakes look presentable. Normally I grab a knife, just smear icing from a tub across a regular cupcake, and call it done. But this time I really wanted to make them look halfway presentable!

I piped icing onto each cupcake and was fairly surprised at how simple it was. I looked up You Tube tutorials because I was so intimidated by it!

I baked the camo cupcakes in advance the weekend before. I chose to individually wrap and freeze the whole batch. They ended up tasting so fresh like I had baked them the morning of the party. I was thrilled! (Can you tell I don't do the whole baking/frosting/dessert thing?!?)

The cupcakes were super simple. I bought two boxes of white cake mix and one box of chocolate. I mixed the white cake mix up and separated it into three bowls. Then I mixed up the chocolate cake mix. I left one bowl plain white, tinted the second white mix green, and added one large scoop of chocolate cake mix to the third white batter. So, I had four different colors of cake mix. Then I just added one spoonful of each to my cupcake tins. I found that putting the chocolate cake batter first made the cupcakes cook more evenly. I'm not sure if it had something to do with the consistency of the chocolate or that maybe the white mix had no egg yolks, but the chocolate wanted to rise higher in each cupcake.

In the end, I had a happy little outdoorsman! 

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  1. Your party looks fantastic! I love how your camo cupcakes turned out. Thank you for the details about making them--I would like to make them for my son's next birthday (or maybe even my husband's!).



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