Sunday, November 23, 2014

First Tennessee Game

Ryan and I have looked forward to the day we could take Caleb to his first Tennessee football game. We are huge Vols fans and we wanted to share that with Caleb. Luckily for us, he was just as excited as we were!

Caleb must be going through another growth spurt lately because he can eat all day. We started out with lunch at Cracker Barrel.

We visited the Bass Pro Shop just north of Knoxville. Of course my two guys want to stay in the fishing department. Caleb tried to examine every single lure there. Do you understand how many rows of lures Bass Pro has?

We had dinner at Aubrey's and then headed to the stadium. There was so much Orange and White! I loved it!

We passed the ESPN College Football bus! Tebow was there and it was so exciting.

Caleb was in awe of the field and stadium. He kept saying, "This is the same field I saw on TV!!!"

By halftime, we had a worn down little boy. The couple beside us left at halftime and offered their seats for Caleb to lay down on. I wrapped him up in all of the blankets.

Five minutes later.... I had a passed out little boy! The Tennessee stadium has some of the loudest fans in the country. And my little boy can sleep through it all. Unbelievable.

Once he was warm and cozy, he slept through all of it.

So he technically made it through half of his first Tennessee game!

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