Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Faves

I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! For those of you shopping today, I hope you're finding tons of great gifts. Cyber Monday is approaching and I thought I'd share some ideas!

I love this chevron watch and it's priced just right! I love that it's neutral and will pretty much go with everything. 

I'm been looking for tunics to go with patterned leggings. I think this tunic is more my style.... comfortable, sporty and long enough to cover my booty. 

It would be pretty with these leggings.....

Or these would be super cute too! 

Ryan and I use blender bottles on a daily basis for our protein shakes. We normally pour our milk in first and then add the protein powder. It mixes easier and doesn't clump in the bottom. We keep two for protein on the go! 

I am loving this camo jacket from Reebok. It has pops of orange in it and is super cute. 

Reebok also released a new color of their Cardio Ultra shoe!!! I love the orange! This shoe is amazingly comfortable and there is absolutely no break in period. 

Since I'm on an orange kick this week.... This shirt would match everything perfectly! 

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