Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hair Repair for the Busy Girl

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Influenster and Fekkai. All opinions are one hundred percent my own! 

I'm excited to have the opportunity to review the Fekkai line of hair care products. I'm always on the hunt for better ways to care for my long hair. I've worn it seriously short for most of my life and growing it out has been tough. All of a sudden it's wavy and frizzy and just plain tough to deal with sometimes. When I have time to actually style it, I love it long. But I'm a serious non-fuss kinda girl. Throw that hair up and run out the door... But I still want it to look pretty. I'm having a tough time finding the right combination of products to get me there. 

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So far I am absolutely loving PrX Reparatives Line. I've tried the shampoo, conditioner, and fortifying masque. I admit I am really rough on my long hair. I do not have time to priss (yes, I know it's a totally Southern word) around in the bathroom styling, conditioning, and messing with my hair every day. 

My biggest issue is that I color it regularly. I love changing my hair color, but my hair has seriously protested. The fortifying masque has helped quite a bit. I've used it weekly for three weeks and can tell a major difference in the softness in my hair. It protects my hair and the smell isn't disgusting at all. So major win for me and my hair! 

I only tried a small sample of the shampoo and conditioner so I'm not really sure if it made a huge difference. You know how you can use a new shampoo and your hair feels fantastic the first two washes but then it kinda goes back to normal? I'm still kinda wondering if that wasn't the case. But I am so pleased with the masque that I am willing to grab some of the shampoo and conditioner to try longer.

** I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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