Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

I hope you had a happy and safe Halloween night! This Halloween was so much fun for us. Caleb is older and seems to enjoy it a lot more. He picked out his costume weeks ago. He wanted to be a Power Ranger. So my mom went out and got the whole costume for him. After I dressed up for our Zumba® class Halloween party, he changed his mind. 

He asked his daddy to make him a lasso and for us to dress like cowboys. Funny enough, we had everything we needed. From the hats to the boots, we were ready. I am so thankful he didn't ask me to be a Power Ranger! 

I love that he still wants me to dress up with him. Caleb is at the age that he thinks both of his parents are cool. I imagine it won't be that way for too many more years. 

Every year we attend our church's Trunk or Treat. We were first in line to hear our pastor preach the gospel and then go through the line for candy. 

I really liked the church's approach this year. Every one who came through the doors heard about Jesus. I know that Trunk or Treat reaches out to our whole community and this is a great chance to spread the word to others! 

I love that so many people know Caleb at church! It makes my heart happy to hear everyone mention him by name. The children's programs at our church are excellent and there are so many special people in Caleb's life.

Caleb ended up with a full bucket of candy! He was beyond thrilled! His candy manipulation approach was different this year. Every time he got candy he would say, "Mom and Dad, I have candy to share with you...." Automatically he roped his daddy in. Of course my husband wants candy.... and if he got a piece so did Caleb. Pretty smart kid!

We headed to my parents' home to see everyone.

Zoey was Twilight Sparkle. She's into the whole posing for pictures thing. It's not hard getting her to cooperate for a picture at all!

I also got to snuggle up to the cutest pumpkin of all. My nephew, Levi, celebrated his first Halloween and he was super cute! There's just something about his sweet little face that makes me smile every single time. He's just so precious! 

I know I'm probably biased or something, but I think my parents were made to be grandparents. I've just always thought that they fill that role so well in life. They certainly love their grandbabies.

My husband dressed as a Tennessee fan (unique, right???).

It's been a while since we've had a really chilly Halloween night. The wind was crazy and cold! Two trees were knocked down on our way to the house. We decided to skip the door to door trick-or-treating because the wind was so bad. We finished our night at Ryan's parents'. Caleb is their one and only trick-or-treater so he got spoiled! 

And being the big kids that we are, they had treats for all three of us! 

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