Thursday, November 6, 2014

ProCakes Protein Pancakes #IIFYM

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post from ProCakes. All opinions (and ugly cooking experiences) are one hundred percent my own!

I make ugly pancakes. There. I said it. I truly do want to be some fabulous cake decorating, professional food presentation chef (Is that even a thing???). But I am not. I make ugly pancakes. They still taste the same, but they aren't worth taking a picture so that you can all laugh at me with pity. 

Even though my pancakes are hideous, I love them! Pretty much bad news while I'm watching all of my macros. Tons of pancakes just don't "fit my macros". Saturdays have been just a little bit sad at my house. 

Until Caren of ProCakes sent me some of their protein pancakes! 

They are still ugly (totally my fault), but I GET PANCAKES! Without sacrificing my eating!!!! They taste great and I still get to enjoy my favorite Saturday morning breakfast food! 


Only the best combination of whey protein, coconut, almond and bean flours as well as a few resistant starches to make things all yummy in the final product. 


Mix one free range egg and a 1/3 cup of milk (you may need a wee bit more if you’re using non-dairy milk). Add 1/2 cup of the mixture and stir well. if you let it sit too long before popping it in the pan, the batter might start to thicken so just add more milk or water.

Three big dollops of mix in a greased skillet over low to medium heat tends to work best. But don’t over flip!! Step away from that spatula! 


No worries my friend. ProCakes mix can be used to make everything from cupcakes to biscotti. 



We’re not going to get into the perils of eating a lot of sugar in your diet, as we’re all aware it’s not beneficial. But we’re also not about to miss out on a little sweetness either!
Our pancake mix is lightly sweetened withXylitol, a sugar alcohol (not to be confused with sugar or alcohol – it’s neither) that is derived from fruits and vegetable fibers.  Compared to sugar, xylitol is low-calorie and it's absorbed more slowly into the bloodstream. That means it has little or no effect on blood sugar levels, making it an ideal choice for diabetics.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Even though Xylitol is safe for humans, just like onions, grapes and chocolate, it’s toxic to dogs, so no ProCakes for Fido!

We wanted ProCakes to stand up to any of its competitors as a great tasting pancake, while still delivering premium nutrition in every bite.  During our formulation process we compared the end result of using dried eggs in the mix, versus having the end user add the egg. 

Our conclusion was that the best tasting pancake resulted from using the highest quality, freshest ingredients, so that’s why we have YOU add a fresh egg as well as milk, or milk substitute to the mix.  We’re confident that the flavor benefit is worth the added ingredient!

ProCakes pankcake mix is made with a blend of flours that provide nutrient density (like coconut and almond flour) and a light texture (tapioca flour and potato starch) in order to create an awesome pancake that’s entirely gluten free. 

We believe that if you’re going to eat something as decadent as a stack of pancakes, you should get the greatest bang out of your nutritional buck while doing it!

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