Monday, November 17, 2014

Rockin' Zumba® Fitness Classes with Reebok Cardio Ultra

My Zumba® fitness classes are normally high energy and fun! I work hard for great results and I enjoy challenging everyone who attends class. We walk in with smiles and walk out sweating with a sense of accomplishment. If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook, you already know we burn some serious calories in our Zumba® fitness classes!
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Recently I had the opportunity to test out the brand new Cardio Ultra shoe from Reebok.

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Many of you know that I am a high impact girl! My Zumba® fitness classes have plenty of high impact moves built in to get my heart rate up and burn extra calories. When I became a licensed instructor I really struggled with my feet. I developed so many blisters on the ball of my feet and toes.
I tried several different brands of shoes and nothing worked. I finally switched things up with my socks and finally found relief. I admit there were times even the socks didn't fully protect my feet from the blisters. I stopped searching for better shoes because everything I tried left me feeling sore and frustrated.

#letitmoveyou #ZIN #dance #zumba #discountcode #shopping #zumbaworks #dailydoseofdelsignore #fitness #workout

When Reebok sent me a pair of the Cardio Ultra shoes, I was skeptical. They are specifically designed for my high impact workouts. They feature a wider base for more ground contact and medial arch support made to support my foot while I bounce through songs. There is also tri-layer foam to cushion the balls of my feet where I am most prone to develop blisters.

The first thing I noticed when I slipped on the Cardio Ultra shoes was all of the support around my ankle thanks to the Adaptamove technology that naturally cradles my foot during multidirectional movements. I have been recovering from an ankle injury and this shoe is low-cut enough to support my ankle without pushing right on it causing pain. I noticed that I can flex my feet without the shoes hitting any part of my ankle and that's a key factor in being able to move better during my Zumba® fitness workouts. I can perform squats without my shoes limiting my movements.
The first thing everyone notices about these shoes are the beautiful shades of yellow. They're eye catching and cheerful! I love that my Zumba® fitness students can clearly focus on my feet during our workouts together.
I love the TurnZone and radiating flex grooves on the bottom of these shoes. I have 360 degree mobility. I workout on carpeted floors and these gives me the freedom to twist and turn much easier. I also noticed my favorite merengue song is so much easier now!

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I've worn the Cardio Ultra shoes several times now. The true test was wearing them while I taught three hours of Zumba® fitness classes in a day. It was my first time wearing them and I expecting some trouble breaking them in. I was fairly certain I would have blisters that night. Surprisingly, I had zero blisters and no fatigue in my feet, legs or hips the next day. When I teach three hours of class in one day I normally feel it somewhere in my body the next day. Not this time!

I have really tried my best to put these shoes to the test. I've amped up my workouts just to see what these shoes can withstand. I have not experienced one blister or sore foot. There has been no break in period for these shoes. There were comfortable from the moment I slipped them on and have been since.

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My fitted Cardio Crop top is also from Reebok. Not only is it cute, it's functional with a built-in-bra for added comfort and support. The bottoms are the Bonded Tight leggings from Reebok, featuring high performance and enhanced breathability.

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When slipping on my workout clothes, Reebok added just a little extra encouragement for all of our workouts. You'll find little quotes on the inside of these pieces. Some make you fierce and others make you smile quietly to yourself.

I'm wearing a medium in both pieces.

#letitmoveyou #ZIN #dance #zumba #discountcode #shopping #zumbaworks #dailydoseofdelsignore #fitness #workout

This is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.


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    1. Thank you!!! My husband was a great help with the pictures!

  2. I agree, you do look great! I don't think I would ever be brave enough to wear a crop top like that. It looks great on you!

    1. Thank you, Julie! I figured it covers more than my swimsuit, so I tried to keep that in mind so I wasn't so shy.

  3. You look really great in the pictures. It's a great thing that you have found out the combination lately for your zumba but if you have tried these shoes you would definitely love this. This zumba shoes are very much comfortable and lightweight that give you enough spacing between your toes.



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