Tuesday, November 4, 2014

That's A Wrap!

Our first football season has come to an end. On Saturday morning, we woke to freezing temperatures before our early morning playoff game! The wind was insane and we layered Caleb up for his game. 

Ryan brought an extra pair of Carhart's for me to wear and I bundled up. I absolutely despise being cold! Luckily, it wasn't too awful bad under my five layers and a big fuzzy blanket. One day Caleb will realize exactly how much I love and adore him because I sat for over an hour in the freezing cold for him! 

The boys did great and we enjoyed the last game! This age group is so cute and funny. They were awarded trophies for the end of the season. 

Our coach also gave out awards to the boys. Caleb was awarded Biggest Little Pounder this year. He was the youngest on the team, but he hung in there with the bigger boys. I know many of the coaches and parents didn't realize he was just four (playing on a 5 and 6 year old team) because of his size, but Caleb made huge progress this year!

During the first practices, we had a little boy who whined a lot and couldn't keep up for a whole practice! Over the course of the season, he made some awesome friends and changed so much physically and mentally.

Ryan and I are so thankful for the coaches who helped Caleb grow this year. We are also thankful for his new buddies as well. I've seen so many of the bigger kids take Caleb under their wing this season and help him along. Caleb played with a great group of boys! 

We were so proud of Caleb. Ryan and I talked about how much he has changed just over the course of playing football. It's really amazing the difference. When we started, Caleb physically struggled with running as much during the practices and games. He had a tough time with some of the practice drills since his motor skills hadn't developed as much as some of the older kids. I can see specific changes and progress just in those two things. Emotionally, he has toughened up a lot. He whined so much in the beginning. If his helmet wasn't comfortable, he whined. If it was cold, he whined. If he wanted to eat, he whined. The coaches all helped him along with the whining! I heard a couple of them ask if he wanted to be a cheerleader instead and that seemed to do the trick for most of it! Caleb also made some buddies. He had fun and that's what it's all about!

Even though we were freezing, we were so proud of him!

His grandparents came out to help cheer him on as well.

We've had fun our first year and cannot wait to see some of these boys next year. Between baseball and football, I know Caleb is growing up with some great boys. We look forward to watching them all grow up and enjoy sports together. 

Our first and last football picture of the 2014 season....

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