Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekend in the Cabin

With football season over and things finally beginning to slow down, we decided to get away for the weekend and spend some time in Tellico. My earliest childhood memories of Tellico are during the fall season. I can still remember the beautiful, bright colors of all the leaves. I love having the chance to develop memories like that with Caleb.
On Friday night, we snuggled up in the cabin to watch movies together. I know..... Our idea of camping in the middle of nowhere isn't really roughing it! My idea of "camping" involves a bathroom with running water, a full kitchen, a TV, and propane heat. I'm just not a tent in the woods kinda girl! It's "roughing it" without a cell phone and internet.

Ryan spent the weekend laughing at me.... He said I'm the only person he knows who tries to look cute in the middle of the woods. I showed him my camping outfit and he said, "You do realize that you are in the wilderness, right???"

Caleb and I took a walk by the river. He was looking for snakes.... (We tried to explain hibernation to him, but he didn't really believe us.) I don't mind looking for snakes when there's no chance of us really finding one. 

It was so nice to relax and slow down. Our lives have been overrun by busy schedules, technology, and just day to day life. Taking a step back to chill out was much needed by our whole family. I know there are some big changes coming for our family in the future and we won't have much downtime for a bit.  Ryan and I are grasping at every opportunity we get to rest up, relax and unwind while we can.

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