Sunday, December 14, 2014

Catching Up

We decorated our tree this weekend and it is always my favorite part of our decorations. I love a full, classy looking tree. I've seen tons of inspiration from several friends on Facebook this week. I never get tired of looking at all of their gorgeous trees! I think a tree can really show you a lot about a family's personality. 

If you were to look closely at ours you would see my sentimental side with all of our precious ornaments that tell a story, you would see Ryan's meticulous decorating with everything matching and coordinated, and if you happened to sneak a peak at the very back of our tree at about Caleb's waist level you would see Caleb's over the top, ambitious attitude. One little branch is loaded up with about 7 ornaments. Our tree has evolved into a piece of each of us and I love it.  

We had our company Christmas dinner at the marina this week. I don't care how many years we've celebrated there together, I never get tired of seeing my husband dressed nicely for dinner.

Caleb's monster trout also returned from the taxidermist this week. It was mounted so beautifully! I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of our little sportsman. I've never caught a trout that big in my life. My dad only caught his first monster trout a few years ago himself. I think you can tell Caleb has a proud granddaddy too....

This trout will be hanging in Caleb's new room so we are saving it until then. I want to have a hunting/fishing theme for him. I'm in the process of collecting sentimental items from family members for his room. I can't wait to do that for him.

My company provides life jackets for those of us who go out on boats. I got a fancy new one that is personalized just for me! I was so excited to see "Captain Wendy" embroidered on the side strap.

I love that it isn't bulky and still offers a lot of safety for us.

I made 15 bean soup for the first time this weekend and it was excellent! A lady at work has made it several times and I finally had to get my version a chance...of course mine had turkey sausage and ground deer meat.

This silly child and I snuggled up on the couch Saturday to watch Christmas movies. I love hearing him laugh over the silly parts.

He is such a little ham. His personality knows no fear of judgement or has a hint of shyness. He always wants to make crazy faces and I hope he never loses that part of his personality.
I have let Caleb help me a little more in the kitchen. He's always so eager to help with anything and I knew this would be something fun we could do together. He took his "job" so seriously and thanked me over and over all day. It was cute!
After we finished putting our soup in the crockpot, we let our outside kitty in for a bit. Daddy normally doesn't let us bring her in the house, but Daddy wasn't there.... As soon as Ryan walked in the door, Caleb told everything he knew.... Funny!

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