Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Ryan and I were blessed beyond measure. We spent lots of time with our families and took the time to just slow down and enjoy it all. 

On Christmas Eve we snacked and watched movies. I think this may have been the least stressful holiday we've had in a while. Ryan and I were so excited to have the Fab Five reunited! 

On Christmas morning, we woke up extra early. My parents always have a Christmas breakfast so we had to fit in our family's gifts before all of that. 

My husband was so very good to me. I've wanted a Keurig for a while and he definitely came through! 

This year, my parents had three grandkids to share Christmas with! Levi has been such an awesome addition to our family this year. 

Our family is all about tradition on Christmas morning. As a child I remember my granddaddy cooking Christmas breakfast for everyone. It was always country ham and red eye gravy. My parents have continued that tradition as well. But, I think my heart melted when I saw my sweet husband and stepdaughter joining in. 

The next day we joined Ryan's parents to celebrate Christmas. 

And my husband was finally given the kayak he's been drooling over. We were able to catch him by surprise....

I don't know how it's even possible, but I think he gets better looking every year. Sigh....

Both of my boys are thrilled over this thing....

Caleb has begged for a BB gun for months. He was so excited to finally get one!

 After all the excitement, we settled in for a Harry Potter marathon. The smallest one passed out fairly quickly.

We've spent a few days shopping and hanging out. Madison and I have endured several sporting goods stores along the way. We manage to find time to act silly while the boys are checking out the fishing stuff.

Ryan took us to the outlet stores in Pigeon Forge and finally turned us loose! I think I've found a pretty good shopping buddy. We came out with fabulous deals on clothes and lotion. 

I think that pretty much catches y'all up to life lately around here! Check back tomorrow.... I've got some pretty exciting news I want to share. 

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  1. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas with your family!



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