Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Faves (And A Discount Code)

I'm so stinkin' proud of myself. I have most of my Christmas gifts purchased and I am less stressed this holiday season. Ryan and I are finishing up shopping for the little people this week. 

When I was a new mom suffering from obesity and depression, I didn't have much of a Christmas list for myself. I can remember everyone asking me what I wanted and I could come up with nothing. I didn't want clothes because seeing the "X" on the label was a reminder that I had let myself go. I lost joy in life. I had no hobbies. I had no friends. I didn't let anyone but my family close to me. Buying anything for me for Christmas was a chore, y'all. 

That's totally not me now! 

I know this will sound awful, but I just have so much I love and am interested in now. I have a passion inside of me for fitness, decorating and loving my home, and fabulous clothes. It's like someone flipped a switch inside of me while I lost weight. I have so much I want to do because I removed all of my restrictions.

I love Friday Faves because I get to share what I'm loving with all of you! 

Ryan and I are beginning to piece together ideas for our next home. I am really loving the country/farmhouse styles right now. There's something about the simplicity and neutral colors that appeals to me. I don't have space above my cabinets in our current house, but I love to see that area decorated. This pitcher would be absolutely perfect! 

As I'm getting older, I have noticed that I'm starting to dial down to one specific style/look for our home. I know Ryan and I both prefer simple, neutral decor with colorful accents. I think Ryan borders on minimalist living. He's the one that makes me purge things a few times a year!

This coral tunic looks so comfortable! I'm afraid that if I had the money, my closet would be packed full of them. It's like they're in style, but still comfortable and forgiving enough for anyone to pull off the look. I think I love them almost as much as yoga pants.... 

Can I share what Santa is bringing me for Christmas??

My sweet husband knows the way to my heart for sure. I have been eyeing the Keurig machines for so long. I resisted buying one at first because on the weekends we drink a whole pot of coffee together. It just didn't seem to make sense to take that away. Until now..... 

This beautiful machine makes cups and carafes! I am so happy I could almost cry.... I have seriously wanted one for so long and it's sitting under our tree with my name on it. I told y'all I've been so very good this year!

(When we were deciding between models, I had decided on the middle model... the 450....but Ryan stepped in. He totally upsold me on the top of the line. My jaw must have dropped and his only excuse was "What?!? I'm just like my mom." #neverthoughtidseetheday )

I've got exciting news!!! If you are a Zumba® fitness lover like me, I have a code for 10% off Zumba® wear at! I am absolutely in love with their Peace Love Zumba pants! They are so soft and comfy! 

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Ta da! Have fun shopping!!!! 

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