Friday, December 19, 2014

Week 1

I've been tracking macros for a week now. Can I admit something? I'm fairly terrible at it! Out of the past week, I have hit my numbers (give or take 5 grams per macronutrient) twice. Two days out of the whole week. 

I am struggling! I get to the end of the day and I still have like 30 grams of carbs left to eat and I'm like, "Crap....." 

I think I am beginning to figure it out with Paige's help though. For me it is much easier to keep my breakfasts simple, plan out my dinners and then fit the rest into my lunch and snacks. If I try to just wing it throughout the day, my dinners get really crazy and unbalanced. Lunch is turning into my flexible meal and it's working better so far. 

Because I am struggling with hitting my macros this week, my weight has fluctuated a bit. Plus my girlie hormones are all over the place... fabulous. Next week? I think I will do much better. 

I also added in weight training this week. For the first time, I actually enjoyed it. I really want to work on being stronger. If you want to see what I'm playing around with, follow my Pinterest board

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