Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cindy Crawford's Essentials Kit from Urban Remedy

Good morning, y'all! I've got some fun ideas to try out this week. I'm really anxious to get started. My motivation has been renewed and I feel like we are finally back on some sort of a schedule around my house. 

Today I am trying the Cindy Crawford's Essentials Kit from Urban Remedy. You may remember that I tried their Metabolism Kit in the summer. At the time I was not in the right frame of mind to stay that committed. Now? I am ready! 

The Essentials Kit contains meals for three whole days. I like that their calorie count for each day is approximately 1500 calories. I don't think that would make me feel deprived in any way. My coach, Paige, has me at 1629 calories per day anyways. I'm so glad that this kit will not take my calories crazy low. 

So....Why am I doing this?

I like trying new products from trusted companies. I get several emails a week asking about programs, wraps, and plans. I like educating myself so that I can give you open, honest things that do and do not work for me. If there's something out there that you can benefit from? I am all for recommending it to you. 

I also would like to get myself back on track after the holidays. With Caleb being so sick, my stepkids spending the holidays with us, and our normal schedule so out of control I need to restart my efforts and refocus. 

So... Follow along over the next few days and we will discuss how I like the program and what it does for me! 

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