Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Q & A's with Paige VanDemark

Y'all know by now that I am finally seeing some great results with my coach, Paige VanDemark. She's taking over today to answer some of the questions you guys have been dying to know about macros and what I'm doing. 

1.    What does your typical diet look like?

Sure! I can't have eggs, egg whites, or most dairy products, and I don't eat red meat, so my diet is a bit limited, but primarily brown rice, sweet potatoes, vegetables and salads, chicken, turkey, peanut butter, Sunbutter (from sunflower seeds- yums!), mixed nuts, protein powder (I use Phase8, Cellucor, and Quest protein), 0% Greek yogurt, oatmeal, cocoa powder, Multigrain Cheerios (my favorite cereal EVER), Quest protein chips, Arctic Zero frozen desserts, tilapia, Quest bars, low-fat popcorn and kettlecorn (surprisingly high-fiber!), a weakness for Special K pastries, and other fun but generally healthy things! 

Most of my intake does seem fairly 'clean,' yes, but this is what works for ME, and what works for me is very different from what might work for you! I don't restrict myself from any foods, but I do feel best when the majority of what I eat is fairly plain and 'whole.' As a competitive powerlifter, I fuel myself to train, so that is another factor.

2.    Paige, how long should it take to see results with iifym??

You should see results, if you are 100% consistent and accurate, within 2-3 weeks, max!

3.     Of course the important question is - can I do this and still go out for a few beers with friends? 

Absolutely! As long as you calculate alcohol correctly (it must be calculated separately/by hand on MFP under 'create your own food'- to calculate alcohol as a carb- take the number of calories of alcohol you will consume and divide that by 4 to get the grams of carbs to count. To calculate alcohol as a fat- take the number of calories of alcohol you will consume and divide that by 9 to get the grams of fat to count. Ideally, take from carbs over fat.) and it fits your day's macros, it will not stop progress. Everything in moderation! 

4.    Paige, I was wondering if I would experience any headaches by switching to iifym from eating whatever (and indulging too much most of the time).

Hmm. You shouldn't! If anything, you would have less headaches. Are you getting enough carbs in and keeping your blood sugar stable? That would be a big part of it!

5.    Is it important to eat clean most of the time?

I don't think that there's a hard and fast rule for this- generally, I advise somewhere between 70/30-90/10 for whole and healthier options to more 'treat' foods, but I don't think that this need apply so strictly to everyone, and there should never be guilt!

6.    How long have you counted macros?

I've counted macros for about 2.5 years now! 

7.    Do you only count the days you lift for your exercise days?

Nope! Any intense or at least moderate exercise should be counted, as there is a caloric and energy output. 

8.    Why use a coach and not just the calculator on certain sites?

I can only speak for myself, but I do and most coaches SHOULD take much more into account than what the calculator does. I ask for personal dieting history, any health conditions, personal preferences, a very detailed activity section, supplements, and more. 

9.    Can you explain the term flexible dieting?

Sure! Flexible dieting- aka 'If It Fits Your Macros' is based around the premise of calories in vs calories out along with certain numbers of the three macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat) based on an individual's needs in order to optimize goals and body composition. Flexible dieting differs from other diets and lifestyles because it is simply a logical way of eating, and not a restrictive set of rules. If you want a bowl of ice cream and you can make it 'fit your macros' for the day, have at it! One should obviously, for general health reasons, try to focus on healthy, whole foods, but fun treat foods are a part of life and should absolutely be enjoyed as well, as long as they come secondary and, again, fit in your daily diet. Food should not cause guilt! Everything in moderation, as with all other aspects of life! 

10. I've been looking on google about what to do with a glass of wine and macros?

Oh! I mentioned that above in an answer to another question- please see #3!

11. I'm not understanding the weighing your food part of IIFYM. Doesn't My Fitness Pal give pretty accurate calories/fat/etc. based on measurements (cup/Tbs)?

Yes and no. My Fitness Pal generally has the accurate macros for foods, but if you look on any food label, the serving size will always be listed in grams. Grams are INFINITELY more accurate than measuring food via volume- aka cups, tablespoons, etc etc. Weigh your next serving of oatmeal out, weigh a prepackaged bagel, weigh a protein bar, and weigh your protein powder- compare that to what you would usually do with cups. You'll be blown away at the ACTUAL serving size. Watch this!


If you're ready for Paige to help you out too, email her at iifymcoachingbypaige@gmail.com!

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