Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Waiting for Spring

When I asked what you'd like to see more on the blog, I really didn't expect that you wanted to see more family stuff. I guess I never really asked y'all what you wanted to see... I'm open for suggestions. Would you be interested in a "Day In The Life" type post? You tell me 'cause I'm an open book.

Since Caleb had pneumonia before Christmas, we have been super careful with him. We really haven't gone out a whole lot. We were told that he could easily get pneumonia again for the first three to four months after he had it. I'd much rather not risk things! The problem? Caleb loves to go, go, go!

We got him three little goldfish for his room. We named the orange and white one Tennessee, the spotted one Callie/Lucy, and the last one Phat. Caleb named her.... He said, "She's kinda fat, so we're gonna call her Phat." But Phat isn't actually fat....she's pregnant. So now we have Phat, the pregnant goldfish. But there's no such thing as a pregnant goldfish.... You can Google that one on your own. #notgoingthere

Caleb is hooked on Star Wars! I finally have someone to share it with because Ryan is convinced he doesn't like Star Wars. He actually hasn't give himself the chance to like it until recently. We watched the second movie last night and I can tell he's slowly beginning to like it too!

I am still actively trying to not wear yoga pants every single day of my life. The struggle is real, y'all. Technically leggings are not yoga pants and I have branched out just a bit.

I'm on a spring cleaning kick lately. No place is off limits, including where I work. I have mopped more floors this week than I ever cared to, but it is a fabulous workout!

This whole waiting for warmer weather thing is driving us all crazy....

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  1. Love your leggings. I'm in NJ and ready for warmer weather as well.



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