Friday, February 6, 2015

Fab Friday Finds

I've got a serious case of spring fever right now. I'm ready for cheerful colors, warmer weather, and a fresh start for the outdoors. Ryan and I have very clean, simple tastes at home. We like organized areas, lots of light, and versatile pieces. This beautiful Branson Display Stand would be perfect for entertaining. 

When I visited ALDI headquarters last year, we were told that white dishes really present your food well. I have slowly started to switch all of my serving dishes to white. I'm still on the lookout for several pieces, but I have enjoyed the all white so far. I can take square and round white serving platters and dress them up for an easy, elegant look. 

Speaking of elegant, I have found my dream bed.... I would love this bed forever and ever, amen.

I love the neutral color and simple lines. I could just imagine beautiful pops of color with lots of pillows. I think I need a serious home decorating budget.... Sigh. And possibly some cleaner boys in my home. Could you imagine all of that white with my two guys?!?

I've also got awesome news for you! Remember those awesome cardio leggings Reebok sent me to try out? They are available now and match the Cardio Ultra shoes!!! 

They're actually very comfortable. I wore a size medium and they fit in all the right places. Some leggings like to sag, but these stay put! I also like that you cannot see through them. The last thing I want to worry about is what's showing behind me....

I also found this cute tank on Zulily this week. 

I love just about anything turquoise. This tunic is just too pretty!

Ooh! I love this one too!

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