Thursday, February 5, 2015

Freezer Meal Exchange Group

I've gotten a few questions this week concerning my freezer meals and the group we started with some of the ladies at our church's Zumba® fitness program. I'd love to share what we're doing and how it works so far for us! 

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There was some interest in a freezer meal exchange among the ladies I work out with each week. I researched some ideas for putting one together and we tried it out this week. 

Since I workout with a lot of ladies, I asked everyone who was participating this month to sign up by the 25th of January. That way we could figure out how many meals to make. Our group started small with only four ladies (including myself). I thought that was a great way to transition into this. In the future as it grows, I will probably break the ladies up into groups of five or less so that it isn't overwhelming. 

We agreed to exchange meals on the first Monday of each month since we were already working out together on that night. I then created a private Facebook group for the participants so we could discuss the meals and remind each other. 

So basically this is how it went....

  1. Create a sign up sheet and add ladies to a private Facebook group. 
  2. Ladies have until the 25th of the month to sign up for the following month's exchange.
  3. Discuss any food allergies or aversions. 
  4. Divide ladies into groups if needed. 
  5. Meals are exchanged on a designated day of the new month. 
  6. Bring the meals frozen. One of our ladies was kind enough to leave one meal unfrozen for us to enjoy that night so we didn't have to wait for anything to thaw. If one of the participants wants to do that, make sure it is communicated well in the group. 
  7. Include recipes for the ladies to make again at home. 
  8. Make enough of each dish to feed a family of four. 
I made Chicken Pot Pies for our first exchange. I made five batches (three to giveaway and two for us at home) and it wasn't overwhelming at all. It's a fabulous way to have more recipes to enjoy and make new friends. 

If you have neighbors, a church family, or great friends you can start a freezer meal exchange!

Would you mind sharing this on Pinterest so we can help others ladies start a freezer meal exchange? 

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