Sunday, February 1, 2015

Just Kids

When I was pregnant with Caleb, I dreamed of things we could do together. I always envisioned being an active, involved mom. In my mind I honestly thought the weight would simply fall off once Caleb was born. It just didn't. My health issues started piling up and I found myself watching instead of participating. That just wasn't how I thought things would be.

After losing a lot of weight, I was able to do more and more with Caleb. Now that he's older, we can really have some fun!

We joined some of our friends at a local trampoline park on Saturday. This was our first time and Caleb was so excited! He was the only little boy in our group, but I don't think he minded all the extra attention.

This place was crazy! Trampolines and foam pits everywhere.... I'm pretty sure the adults played just as hard as our kids. And it was an awesome workout!

We played for an hour, but it felt a lot longer. I am sore in places that I totally didn't expect! And I am not nearly as graceful as I thought I was.

This child had a blast! Caleb and I are blessed with awesome friends who love being crazy as much as we do. I am also thankful that I can actually be a mom that jumps around with her kid. There's no way I would have done that a few years ago.

Even though jumping and flopping around in foam pits is a great workout, I think I'll stick with my Zumba® classes.... The trampolines totally kicked my butt!

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