Monday, February 23, 2015

Shhh... We've Been Keeping A Secret!

Remember how we did a survey a couple of weeks ago and I mentioned maybe a spin off blog because we had some major changes coming?? I'm still undecided on the spin off or just keeping it all here, but......

Can you keep a secret? No? That's okay.... Me neither!

Last week when Ryan and I painted the guest bathroom, I wanted to take some pictures first. We wanted a creative way to share our big news with everyone.

I have a totally fake surprised face, but Ryan.... he's much better! Bless his heart! 

Caleb has his silly faces perfected!

He is so terribly excited! This little boy has been dreaming of a big playset, a big yard, and chickens for a while now... Yes, I said chickens. He's a country boy, y'all!

Ryan and I have waited almost 8 years to own a home together and that moment has finally come. I bought my current house when I was still in college so it made financial sense to just keep it. We are able to take a huge step together now and we feel so blessed. 

Do we know where we are moving?    Yep....

Have we sold our current house? Not yet, but we are getting close to listing it for sale!


  1. It's smart to be prepared for a quick sale even if you feel it is not likely I recall our story [and others'] of a totally unexpected QUICK SALE and it made for those really wild and crazy moves and experience for our family. Good Girl, BE PREPARED

    1. That;s a great idea! Thank you!!! I will be prepared for that as well.

      We want to move forward with our old home as soon as possible.

  2. Replies
    1. Same area! Chattanooga is home for us for sure!



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