Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day

We had a beautiful seven inches of snow fall overnight! Ryan and I sat up to watch it last night and it was gorgeous. We woke up early and jumped in the Jeep to go play. Caleb couldn't wait to flop around in the snow! 

Everything was so calm, peaceful and beautiful first thing in the morning. I am so thankful for our Jeep on mornings like this. I hate the idea of being stuck in the house. Fortunately, we had power all night and were able to get out and about with no problems.

I'm fairly certain this is now one of my most favorite places to be... The only thing more beautiful than seeing snow on this gorgeous barn is possibly seeing it on a beautiful, sunny day in spring. 

No snow day would be complete without snowball fights. Neither of these two fight fair.


  1. Snow Days Can Be Fun ...... love your pictures

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you! I think the snow is beautiful, but I'd much rather play in 80 degree weather!

  2. Snow is really so beautiful! I just hate the cold lol! You took some really beautiful pictures that may have just changed my mind :)

    1. Kayla, I don't think there are enough beautiful snow pictures in the world to convince me to change my mind! Give me a gorgeous summer day on the lake anytime!



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