Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cast Your Votes!

I love the home improvement blogs that ask readers choices in decorating options. When you see those choices come together in the projects it seems the chosen items look great together. While I'm not a home improvement blog, I love the idea of asking for help! 

For those of you who want to play along.... I could really use your help and opinions!

1. I need help choosing flooring. I want a farmhouse feel for the house with light colored walls, lots of light streaming in, and gorgeous dark hardwood floors. My inspiration has been something like this (but with dark floors):

Image Via

I love how bright and pretty it is. Our home needs some updating. Ryan and I will remove the carpeting and have hardwood flooring installed. We are gathering prices and quotes now, but we are stuck. Would you install solid hardwood or engineered? The flooring will be installed over plywood, so we can choose either option. 

2. Ryan is making me a farmhouse table. I have wanted one for so long, but now I actually have the space for one. Our goal is to seat up to eight people. Our family of five gets squeezed together at a regular table and we'd like the option of having friends and family join us more often as well. I need to make some lighting decisions pretty soon.... What looks best over a farmhouse style table like this? 

Image Via

Option A

Option B

Option C

3. I need help picking a nice, neutral greige color! Thoughts??

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  1. I don't have a picture to show you but my workplace has laminated flooring that looks like wooden planks. We get so many compliments and are constantly asked if it's real wood. Just something you may want to look into!
    Also, my coworker installed real hardwood floors when she built her house and says she regrets it. She said it scratched easily (having 3 kids running around) and was higher maintenance.

  2. Greige is VERY tough to 'nail.' I would highly recommend pick several, get samples, and test in large swaths in the correct lighting, day and night. Those 1 inch square paint strips are worthless. I do like BM Pale tends towards the gray side, but is kind of warm. BM Cedar Key is a little more taupe'ish, but still 'greige.' To me Stonington is pure gray, and Revere Pewter pure light beige. But to each their own, and in-home lighting/time of day can vary that greatly. Good luck! :)

  3. I will have to have laminate flooring as we are on a slab, I am thinking something like this... this is way cool. I love the options. Our home has the white moldings and grey walls. I went with a lighter grey similar to grey horizon. Can't wait to see your finished projects!



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