Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Floor Plans

I think we have decided on a floor for the new home. Ryan and I have researched hardwood floors to death. We asked you guys... Thank you to everyone for your opinions and advice! We read every single one.

We found an engineered floor that had a bamboo veneer. Ryan has wanted solid hardwood from the very beginning, but we both agreed that the price was more reasonable and installation time was much quicker than installing solid hardwood floor. After reading everyone's advice, we kept shopping around.

We went to Hank's Carpet and started to explain our dilemma. The gentleman walked right over to two solid hardwood floor options.... 

We discussed how I wanted a darker floor, but we also discussed how much lint it would show all of the time. Ryan pointed out that my OCD may not handle that very well at all. The lighter option right above had such a rustic feel to it and Ryan pointed out the little imperfections that made it perfect for my farmhouse vision.

We fell in love with it! It has a certain country feel to it and I think it will work perfectly for our other home choices. It has a neutral wood stain that doesn't have a red or yellow tint. I can see a light gray wall pairing well with it.

The biggest selling feature for us was the saw blade marks on the planks. If I scratch the floor, I can simply come behind with some stain and blend it in. As it ages, it will retain the rustic, country look and will last us for years. This is something that will stand up to the everyday use from my busy family. I have a busy husband, a rowdy five year old boy, an active stepson, and a country lovin' stepdaughter. We don't have the time or energy to wipe a floor down twice a day. We'll be good if we take our shoes off in the mudroom!

This handscraped hardwood floor is five inches wide and 3/4" thick. Hank's will be installing this flooring for us for the same amount others quoted to install the floating floor. The installation time is nearly the same as well. When you go with a reputable, local company who knows exactly what they're doing, it's really a simple decision. We got a better price for a much nicer floor that worked even better for our whole family. It helps to ask around and check with friends and family who have bought flooring recently.

We have a few weeks left before it's time to order, but I will be happy to share the whole process and final pictures with you. Again, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to help us choose! 

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