Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Thoughts

Life has felt a whole heck of a lot like this lately:

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God has blessed us with such a strong willed little boy. Some days I am proud of his independence, his perseverance, and his quick wit. Other days? Those personality traits seem to get a five year old little boy in trouble. I'm thirty years old and have trouble finding the balance myself. How can a little boy be expected to get it right so often? When Caleb struggles, I see me and Ryan so much in him. I can totally understand, but I still have to teach him the way to handle things gracefully in life. Behind the scenes, I am cringing because I still struggle with everything I am trying to teaching him. Anyone else feel this way??

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Life is full of baseball lately. Caleb has so much energy and spirit that we want him involved in sports to teach him teamwork, discipline, and hopefully get some of that energy channeled into something productive! He has loved baseball so far. I can tell there is a difference between t-ball last year and real baseball this year. It gives me hope... I think football season is going to rock this fall!

I stumbled across this bird candleholder and just fell in love. It's simple, but reminds me of spring. 

This green ice bucket would be perfect for entertaining on the patio or boat this summer! Can you tell I'm getting geared up for some outdoor time? I cannot wait for beautiful weather! 

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