Friday, March 6, 2015

Monogram Decals

I have always wanted to add a monogram, but I couldn't find just the right one. Tandra over at CuttinUp2 steered me in the right direction. CuttinUp2 made me a monogram decal for my SUV. I got to pick my color, font, and size and they sent me just the one I've been wanting! 

customized monogram decal

 It was such a simple, quick process. She was so helpful and answered every question I had. I second guessed my idea until she sent me a quick picture.

customized monogram decal

Not only do they have custom vinyl decals, they can customize other products. I love this monogrammed beach bag with anchors! It would be perfect this summer on the boat.

Monogrammed Beach Bag

These collapsible chevron baskets would be perfect carrying everything when we spend our summer at the ball fields. I always have more than I can carry when I'm walking to the field. 

You can check out CuttinUp2's Etsy store {HERE} to see all of their products! 

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