Monday, March 2, 2015

Styles and Plans

Ryan and I were so happy to share our news with you last week. It is such a blessing to us and we are just so thankful for a new home. We are moving to a pretty brick home with plenty of room for Caleb to run around.

He can't wait to have his hunting and fishing themed room. It has been fun planning something special for his new room. 

I've found myself busy with ideas. My Pinterest boards are getting filled with so many ideas. I am fortunate to have a handy husband plus some very creative friends and family. We've never had a home that we could go all out with and still feel like we can build equity. There's always been the concern in the back of our minds about doing too much. You can easily go overboard in some neighborhoods. Fortunately we don't have a neighborhood to be concerned with now.

I had a few questions this past week about our "style". Ryan and I haven't had the chance to really see that all play out yet. I think he leans towards simple, classic designs and I gravitate towards a modern farmhouse. We are looking forward to marrying the two now.

I'm in the middle of choosing new floors, picking lights, and narrowing down paint colors. I want to get it all just right, but it's tough so I'm taking it slow!


  1. "I've found myself busy with ideas."

    That is so exciting ..... happy planning

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you, Jan! I love projects and I really look forward to having fun with it.



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