Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter 2015, School, and Everything Else

It's catch up time! We've been super busy, but had lots of family time built in. We are going to do an update Monday on Whole 30 so far, okay?

I spent Easter weekend with my family and we had such a good time together. It was nice to slow down a little and spend time with everyone. We really enjoyed church service and lunch with my in-laws.

Caleb had fun hunting eggs and I got so tickled at him. He overlooks some of the really obvious hidden eggs!

Our Zumba® fitness classes were filled with awesome ladies this week! At my church, I get to co-teach with one of my best friends. How fabulous is that? It works pretty well because as we are both learning our own new choreography, we end up teaching each other in the process. So we learn new stuff twice as fast.

This week on Facebook I did a #transformationtuesday of Easter from 2011 to now. I still can't believe I used to be that person on the left.

We've spent a lot of time working at the new house and the trees have started to bloom. I have found one of my favorite trees so far. This is gorgeous! Anyone know what it is?

We have a large magnolia on the property and I am patiently waiting for the flowers to show up!

One evening, I slowed down long enough to really appreciate this view. I am very ready to wake up to this every day.

Our big family news for the week is this:

I registered my little one for Kindergarten! We were riding in the truck and I started talking about how I could not believe how fast he'd grown. I told him that it just seemed like yesterday that I was rocking him as a baby. He gave me the side eye and said, "Are you going to cry now?"

One thing I have worried about is if he will know anyone going into school. I didn't want him to just be alone the first few days. I totally shouldn't have worried about that. We didn't walk through the doors before he saw people he knows. Before I knew it there was a large hoard of boys that Caleb knew. Heaven help them if they make the mistake of placing all of those boys in the same room! I was so relieved that he knew baseball boys, football boys, MDO boys, and church boys. That kid will not be lonely!

Eating out has been trickier with Whole 30. You have to ask questions about how the food is prepared and I hate feel like a pest or picky. We had dinner at Beef O'Brady's this week and I asked them to leave off the croutons, cheese, and onions. You should have seen the look on the waitress' face! It was surprise and disbelief that I would leave off the things most people think are the best part of the salad. What she might not realize that after eating this way, those veggies truly taste better without all of the junk. For those of you doing this with me, how are you doing so far? 


  1. Whole 30 is easier then expected... However, I'm only on day 5. Looking forward to your updates and hopefully new meal ideas!

    1. I'm checking in to see how you're doing now. How's it going?

  2. Might be wisteria? I'm not sure. Glad you had a great Easter!

  3. The tree with the pink flowers looks like a crepe myrtle. We had one at our other house and it bloomed twice a year.

  4. Well, I haven't been 100% into it, and have paid for it! This is my birthday week too (happy belated birthday!!) and have made some not so great choices. But, I'm back on it again, hoping to feel better...Could you post pics or recipes of what you eat?

    1. I will be posting ideas soon. My meals are pretty basic! We use our grill a lot now. I aim for one serving of protein, veggies, and fruits at each meal. I also eat potatoes a couple of times a week.



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