Sunday, April 19, 2015

I'm a Baseball Mom

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have already seen this picture. Oh my goodness, I love this shirt!!! Just Piddilin custom made this shirt for me. I told them our team colors and my little boy's name and it's perfect! I ordered a medium and it is so comfortable. There are little rhinestones around the heart and the words "Baseball Mom".

I know many of my friends have more than one ball player in the family and they have a solution for that! If you have a baseball and a softball player in the family, Just Piddilin has you covered!

Baseball Softball mom unisex glove findin Gatorade gettin

I'm also loving this tank top too! It would be great on those really hot summer days at the ball fields. 

I'm all about that base Baseball Softball Razor Back Tank

If you want to be totally coordinated in the stands, these Baseball Mom Flip Flops are super cute. They have just enough bling to be adorable, but durable enough for the ball fields. 
Baseball Mom Glitter Bling Flip Flops

Just Piddilin has all you need to support your favorite player! If you don't see something that you want, just ask them! 

Find them on Etsy {HERE}. Just Piddilin has been in business since 1990! Starting with seasonal home decor and landing on home-made jewelry and apparel! They love designing new shirts and jewelry, it's their passion! Custom orders are requested, please don't hesitate to contact them! Or feel free to call them at 903-852-6321!

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