Monday, April 6, 2015

Moving Announcements from Minted

My little family is moving soon and we wanted to send out something special to our friends and family that shares our new address. This home means so much to us. This is the first time in our marriage that we are able to announce that we are moving to a new home together and we want to celebrate that. 

I'm having a tough enough time making decisions about paint colors, floors, and lighting. Y'all were so helpful in narrowing down my decisions then that I thought you could maybe help us choose the perfect moving announcement for our family. Minted has several options that I think might fit us well. 

Simply Script

Mason Dixon Lines

Our Dream Home

Minted has so many options and color choices that I don't know which to pick!

Which fits us best?

Did you send out moving announcements when you moved?


  1. The anchor one is super neat since you work at a marina and love boating.

  2. The anchor one is totally you.

  3. I love those Hey Y'all ones and I think those fit you guys!

  4. Definitely the anchor as you all have a connection to boating. Although I like the first one, too, as I like simple designs :) I’ve sent moving cards more often than I care to think about! I always design my own using photos from around the new home :) Good luck with the move!



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