Sunday, April 26, 2015

Neighbors and Fire

This weekend was our big working weekend at the new house. We had an estate sale to re-home some of the beautiful antiques from Ryan's family. Even though it has been hard work, I enjoyed it. I love walking through antique stores and it's neat to see the quality and workmanship that went into those items.

Ryan and I had a date night on Friday since my parents kept Caleb for us. We didn't realize how long it had been since we've had a night just to ourselves. We have been so busy tackling life that it really feels more like it has tackled us!

We were up at 6 am to begin getting ready for the sale. I'm pretty sure the only other time I have been around my in-laws at 7:00 in the morning was when I spent the night in the hospital in labor.

We had traffic on and off all day and did pretty well for hosting the estate sale ourselves. Typically people charge up to 40% to have an estate sale so we saved money by doing it ourselves. Definitely worth the hard work and effort.

We met several of our neighbors along the way and everyone was so sweet. Ryan and I haven't lived in a social area since we were neighbors as kids. It's so nice to know that we have friendly faces all around us. The sweetest part about moving has been the people right next door to us. Ryan's grandparents' best friends live right next door. When we moved in, I really didn't know how they'd take to my active little boy. My child has absolutely fallen in love with both of them and they are just so good to him. We couldn't ask for better people right next door.

We purchased this little fire pit over a year ago. When we first decided to move, we knew we wanted one for the new house. We have been patiently waiting for the time to use it. It was so peaceful sitting on the patio enjoying a fire after an exhausting day.

There's nothing like our conversations around the fire. Ryan and I talk about everything... from all the chaos going on around us to the little boy sleeping peacefully inside....We are blessed with an easy going friendship. I realize a lot of marriages around us aren't based on friendship. Ryan and I began our life together as friends and I am thankful it remains through every stage of our marriage. 

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  1. How nice! I firmly believe that the best marriages start as friendships first. Absolutely. :)



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