Monday, April 20, 2015

Projects and Baseball

We had tons of projects around the houses this weekend. For what it's worth, I'm really drained by the term "houses". I'd much rather just say "house". We're getting one ready for the real estate market and one ready for us to live in. It's quite exhausting, but I do have a plan... When I broke out a two page to-do list my husband rolled his eyes and said in his most reassuring voice, "We will get it all done. Stop worrying." I actually hear that a lot... and he's usually right (he won't read that so he will never know I admitted it).

Ryan set me up to pressure wash Caleb's playset while he cut grass. It was a dirty, nasty job but I tackled it. I thought I would be sore afterwards, but the toning classes before our Zumba® fitness class must be working! I was covered in dirt, mud, and yuck, but everything looks great and is ready for stain.

Some little boy begged to pressure wash. Caleb wants to work so bad he cannot stand it. Instead of cartoons, the child watches DIY network. He's our little worker bee and is content with it. I love that he already has a sense of hard work ingrained in his personality. It's a rare asset that will be handy one day. I don't think anyone could ever argue that he learned it from his daddy. I've watched my husband work in the summer heat six days a week for years for our family.

We made friendship bracelets this week and I've had to wear mine ever since. He notices immediately when it's missing.

Pink Pig Printing sent me this very appropriate baseball shirt! It's customized with Caleb's number and says, "I have no life. My son plays baseball." On those days that we have back to back games, it sure feels that way! You can find them {HERE}!

While Caleb was playing, my sister-in-law had both of her kiddos at the fields. My niece had softball team pictures so I got to hold my little nephew while Caleb played ball. He looks identical to my younger brother as a baby. He's a serious baby and you really have to work for the smiles from him but it's totally worth it!

And of course I got to hug my absolute favorite girl in the world! My brother promises she gets her dramatic streak and flair from her Aunt Wendy. I honestly have no idea why he thinks that....Ha! Bless her little heart!

Caleb's ball team played their little hearts out Saturday! We were all so proud of them. They brought down the only undefeated 5/6 year old team in our group. Our kids were on fire! Caleb had two stikes against him and the coach wanted him to hit off the tee since the bases were loaded. Caleb must have told him no because the coach pitched the ball and he smacked it! I was one proud mama for him not taking the easy way out and having the confidence in himself to pull it off! Now if I could only keep him out of the mud....

After a long weekend, Caleb snuggled up with his daddy for movie night. I am so thankful they are close!

I know we are in one of those busy, chaotic periods of life right now. It seems like there are so many days that we just have too much on our plates. We know it's temporary and that the end result will be so very worth it. Getting there is the tough part. I wouldn't want to go through life with anyone else. This guy is the one picking me up and carrying me through the tough parts. He's always there telling me everything will all work out even when my to-do list is two pages long. We work hard, but we work together. If you've got someone in your life that's just like them, take a moment to tell them how much you appreciate them!


  1. Oh goodness, I could have written this post! We're currently in the process of getting our current house ready to list and we'll be closing on our new house (which needs quite a bit of work itself) by the end of the month. Overwhelming doesn't even begin to describe all the things I'm feeling, but I guess it's a good start! So much to do, so little time or energy! I keep saying there's no way we're going to get everything done in a reasonable amount of time, my husband keeps reassuring me that we can do it. I wouldn't want to walk this crazy journey with anyone else! I spent 8 hours on Saturday power washing and painting and thanks to all the strength training I've been doing I wasn't even sore! I got to see how my baby muscles helped in a real world application :)

    Best of luck on tackling your to-do list! We're also over here working through ours!

    1. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one going crazy! Please keep me updated on everything you're doing. I love stuff like that!!!

  2. The right hubby can be such a great yang to our ying. (or is it the other way around. LOL) You are looking great, and I actually LOVE all the home photos and stories. :)

    1. You are so right! He's a blessing to me.

      Thank you!!! I feel so much better. I started out for the weight loss, but the health benefits just blow me away. I never imagined!

  3. I am the worlds worst for seeing my to do list and flipping out that it will never get done. Or never get done in the time I would like it to. Baseball for my boys will start next month and be crazy for a while.

    1. You and I would be best friend in real life! I am Type A so bad it's pitiful. Not many people really understand... Ha!

      You will have so much fun with baseball.....I honestly don't see how you do it with more than one! I thought Caleb's schedule was exhausting, but yours will be more chaotic. Good luck!!!

    2. Oh I will get a little crazy before the season is over. Lucky for me they both play at the same ball fields and this year should be different nights. Last year both played on Friday nights and let me tell you the stress of being in two places timing etc was rough.
      Nope people don't get why lists freak me out and how I want things done and checked off glad to know I am not alone :)



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