Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Countertop Transformation with Rust-oleum Countertop Coating

Ryan and I met with a real estate agent last weekend. I actually went to school with this guy and I think he has some very unique marketing strategies in our area. The best thing I liked was that he did not sugar coat anything for us. He is dedicated to getting homes sold and when he suggested a few things to us, we decided to go for it. 

I admit it's really tough hearing negative comments about your home. I've invested over nine years of blood, sweat, tears, and memories into this home. It's our first home together, where we brought Caleb home.... To hear someone walk in and pick at it is just plain tough. Sure we knew it needed some upgrades but we have put so much into it already that we cannot possibly sink anymore money into it. 

The main thing suggested was updating our countertops. Have you seen how much that costs??? I went to Lowe's and a lady who was clearly too busy to even help me blurted out that laminate countertops started out at $13.95 per linear foot. I'm sorry, but I cannot pay that much for a house that I'm not going to keep now. 

Let down, Caleb and I trudged over to the paint section and asked a very helpful lady about countertop paint. She automatically went over and grabbed a pint sized can of the Rust-oleum Countertop Paint. It is tintable in a lot of great colors and it's only $20 a can. I admit I was so skeptical, but I was desperate and bought it anyway. 

I picked the pewter color and prayed it would turn out okay. I enlisted the help of my mama who is way more crafty than I am. And this is what we pulled off in just a couple of hours....
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Ryan taped off everything for us. We made sure to secure plastic around the cabinets because once this stuff gets on something, it's there.

We had a very retro looking yellow countertop and it was still in great condition. I scrubbed down everything and made sure it was clean so the coating would stick well.

We used little foam brushes and rollers to apply the coating. It did not take long at all....maybe 30 minutes to apply the first coat. I rolled the top and my mom came behind me to smooth it out and make sure I didn't miss anything. It was just too simple.

I think it turned out fabulous! What a difference!!! We waited an hour before applying the second coat. The biggest thing is to keep the area very ventilated because it stinks like you wouldn't believe. I read a lot of negative reviews about the smell. Yes, it is pretty bad but it is tolerable. I work at a marina and the smell of bottom paint, gear lube, epoxy, and gelcoat is no worse. I honestly believe people were being a tad bit over-dramatic (and that's something coming from a drama queen).

I think the pewter ended up being a great choice because it looks classy, covers well, and remains neutral. The new owners can come in and decorate with any color now.

Mom and I figured out that you can avoid the smell during the hour dry time by sipping a chilled glass of wine. I do not understand why there were so many negative reviews about the smell online. Seriously... Take some time to enjoy life on the porch with your mama instead of huffing the fumes.

We removed the tape and got crisp, beautiful lines! I was so proud of us, but it was honestly an easy, affordable project.

It was a little late last night when we finished up, but here's the final outcome! You cannot set anything on the countertops for three days. Not a problem for us at all since we've already moved, but if you do this you need to know that!

Rust-oleum totally did not pay me to talk about their product, but they really should. This simple $20 can of coating saved me hundreds of dollars, my peace of mind, and gave me some time with just my mama. If you need a quick update, this is the way to go. 


  1. One suggestion I read last night on the reviews was to use two colors. It said to use one color and then sponge another color on with a sea sponge :) They said that will give it a different look and also covers up if you leave any streaks on it :) They had used brown and a khaki color as the top coat :) I am going to have to try this!!!!!

    1. It was so easy. If you feather it in correctly, there are no streaks. But you could also do a two tone with a see sponge. That one's kinda tough because you have to get a uniform look. If you're patient, you could easily pull it off. I am not.

      I couldn't believe it was $20 and actually looked decent.

  2. Your counters look great. One update I would do is remove the piece of wood above your kitchen window. I think that really dates the kitchen.



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