Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Finds

Happy Friday, y'all! I found the cutest stuff on Zulily this week and I finally made some much needed purchases. I think I am most comfortable in my workout clothes. Making myself get out of those is tough. Since we moved, I look through my closet and normally grab the same stuff every day. I realized I just need to update my wardrobe. I love the bright, vibrant colors that are out this spring and I think I'm finally going to give them a try. 

I fell in love with the turquoise and pink in the Peonies Randi Shift Dress. I think this will be a staple in my summer rotation! You can find it {HERE}. 

My mom has been raving about the palazzo pants. At first I just wasn't liking them, but I finally found a cute pair. I am used to wearing black yoga pants. The wilder colors and patterns are a huge stretch for me so I compromised with this pretty black and white pair. You can find them {HERE}! 

Being the Tennessee girl that I am, I fell for this gorgeous orange lace dress. It would be perfect for a night out with my husband (when we finally get a free moment....). I love, love, love it! You can find it {HERE}. 

I also realized I am not a shoe person. I have hardly anything but running shoes and flip flops. I always look for something neutral that I can wear with anything. I think these will be super cute and I won't have to worry about breaking my neck in a heel. You can find them {HERE}. 

Zulily has some pretty good deals on clothes today. I love that every thing is bright, lightweight, and comfortable for summer! 

How often do you update your look? What trends are tough for you to try this year? 

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