Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

How do you even begin to tell your best friend how special they are? How do you tell the world how blessed you are to marry the love of your life? Today is my husband's birthday and I want to take a moment to tell y'all just how amazing that man is. 

Ryan was my childhood crush. Later on, he stepped back into my life and redirected it completely. We grew up together and forged this wonderful relationship. Everyone jokes that I turned his life around and straightened him out, but what they don't realize is that he did the same exact thing for me. The people who know and love me most all agree that I am bossy, strong willed, independent, and stubborn. Not just any person would be cut out to balance all of that out, but Ryan is just as independent and stubborn as I am. I don't think anyone could love me the way he does. 

There's never been a time that he hasn't been there for me, encouraging me, backing me up, and loving me through whatever comes our way. We don't have a fairy tale marriage because they simply do not exist. What we have we worked hard and struggled for. It was tough at times, but was worth every effort we put into it. I am so blessed to have him as my husband and Caleb's daddy. He's an amazing dad to all three of his kids and I love seeing their relationships grow. 

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Ryan, you are the most amazing thing to ever walk into my life. I think of the blonde haired boy standing under a tree in the neighbor's yard not even noticing the little girl with the huge crush on him. I think of the times you did ridiculous stunts on your rollerblades and bike and I realize your children get that from you. I remember cleaning boats together and working together when the roles reversed and you had the crush on me. I never even realized it until you kissed me for the first time. I think of drive-in movies, bowling, and a little red convertible. I think of air mattresses on the floor for our first few nights when we started living together. I think of a beautiful wedding on a 70' Bluewater. Campfires on our honeymoon. Holidays. Finding out we were going to have a little one. You figuring out that I needed to be fed on a schedule while pregnant or I get mean. You holding me up for my epidural. Reassuring me that you would still love me with a C-Section scar. You walking in the door after working all day to take care of Caleb for a few hours so I could sleep. Every single sweet moment you've had with Caleb. You working hard to update our old home and get it ready to sell. You giving me the home and life of my dreams. You taking care of me every time I've been sick or sad. Laughing on the back patio. Boat days. Renovation projects. And everything in between. Ryan, you are wonderful to me and I love you. Happy birthday! 

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  1. Awe super sweet post. Happy Birthday Ryan! Hope he has a great birthday. Super cool that he was your childhood crush :)



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